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Hvordan kjører du trygt en usikker utførbar fil på Linux?

Hvordan kjører du trygt en usikker utførbar fil på Linux?

Geoffrey Carr

I denne dag og alder er det ikke en dårlig ide å være leery av usikre kjørbare filer, men er det en trygg måte å kjøre en på Linux-systemet hvis du virkelig trenger det? Dagens SuperUser Q & A-innlegg har noen nyttige råd som svar på en bekymret lesers spørring.

Dagens Spørsmål & Svar-sesjon kommer til oss med høflighet av SuperUser-en underavdeling av Stack Exchange, en fellesskapsdrevet gruppering av Q & A-nettsteder.


SuperUser leser Emanuele ønsker å vite hvordan du trygt kan kjøre en usikker kjørbar fil på Linux:

I have downloaded an executable file compiled by a third party and I need to run it on my system (Ubuntu Linux 16.04, x64) with full access to HW resources such as the CPU and GPU (through the NVIDIA drivers).

Suppose this executable file contains a virus or backdoor, how should I run it? Should I create a new user profile, run it, then delete the user profile?

Hvordan kjører du trygt en usikker kjørbar fil på Linux?


SuperUser-bidragsytere Shiki og Emanuele har svaret for oss. Først opp, Shiki:

First and foremost, if it is a very high risk binary file, you would have to set up an isolated physical machine, run the binary file, then physically destroy the hard drive, the motherboard, and basically all the rest because in this day and age, even your robot vacuum can spread malware. And what if the program already infected your microwave through the computer’s speakers using high-frequency data transmitting?!

But let’s take off that tinfoil hat and jump back to reality for a bit.

No Virtualization – Quick to Use


I had to run a similar untrusted binary file just a few days ago and my search led to this very cool small program. It is already packaged for Ubuntu, very small, and has virtually no dependencies. You can install it on Ubuntu using: sudo apt-get install firejail

Package info:


KVM or Virtualbox

This is the safest bet depending on the binary, but hey, see above. If it has been sent by “Mr. Hacker” who is a black belt, black hat programmer, there is a chance that the binary can escape a virtualized environment.

Malware Binary – Cost Saver Method

Rent a virtual machine! For example, virtual server providers like Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, and Ramnode. You rent the machine, run whatever you need, then they will wipe it out. Most of the bigger providers bill by the hour, so it really is cheap.

Etterfulgt av svaret fra Emanuele:

A word of caution. Firejail is OK, but one has to be extremely careful in specifying all the options in terms of the blacklist and whitelist. By default, it does not do what is cited in this Linux Magazine article. Firejail’s author has also left some comments about known issues at Github.

Be extremely careful when you use it, it might give you a false sense of security without the right options.

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