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Microsoft Office Contest - Fly til Dubai, vinn spennende premier fra Microsoft!

Microsoft Office Contest - Fly til Dubai, vinn spennende premier fra Microsoft!

Geoffrey Carr

Bare hvis du ikke hadde det, holder Microsoft en konkurranse på Microsoft Office-nettsiden med noen flotte priser. Bruk kunnskapen om Microsoft Office 2010 til å klatre til toppen og få en sjanse til å vinne en gang i livet tur til den høyeste bygningen i verden, Burj Khalifa i Dubai!

Listen over regler:

The game consists of three tasks, which take place on the different floors of an office building. You are responsible for the productivity of three enterprises. Demonstrate your all-round knowledge and complete the tasks on different Microsoft Office 2010related topics. For each correct answer you will receive Productivity Points, helping you to move up to the next level.

At the end of each task, you will be given the chance to gain additional points. Compete with other partners across Europe and get your company’s URL at the top of the ranking.

Task 1: Office Value. To make a strong sales pitch, it’s essential to have all the facts, especially when your competitors offer similar products. In this True or False task you need to prove your knowledge so that you can promote the advantages of Microsoft® Office 2010 effectively. Just decide which statements are correct and which are not.

Task 2: Office Licensing. As a core element of your business, licensing is something a true office expert needs to understand. But as licensing is a wide field, can you pick the correct answer to each multiple-choice question? The knowledge base provides valuable information to help you be successful at this task.

Task 3: Office in the Cloud.

With cloud computing emerging as the new, groundbreaking field of productivity; Microsoft has already become the industry leader. Are you prepared to answer your customers’ questions about cloud computing solutions? Do you already know enough about Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)? Prove it by placing only the correct items in the cloud.


The first 500 participants who successfully complete all the challenges on the way to the top, will receive the stylish Wi-Fi Detector T-shirt as a special gift to reward their tremendous productivity skills. This amazing T-shirt has a glowing display that changes to show the strength of the Wi-Fi signal wherever you are.

Regional prizes Three lucky participants in each country will receive special regional prizes: •1st Prize: An Xbox 360 with Kinect and a flat-screen TV •2nd Prize: A Windows 7 laptop •3rd Prize: A Windows Phone Top prize Standing a record-setting 828 meters high, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is currently the tallest building in the world. One lucky winner, selected by random draw from among all those who complete all the games in the challenge, will travel to Dubai for a week with a friend and enjoy the view from the top floor.

Du må ha en Windows Live ID. Opprette en Live ID er gratis. Lag et kallenavn for spillet. Din firma / webblogg-URL kan angis valgfritt, og hvis det blir lagt inn, vises det i spillrangeringen. Du kan også laste opp et bilde som skal vises og vise ansiktet ditt til verden.

Test dine ferdigheter på Office 2010 på Microsoft Office 2010 Contest Page. Konkurransen lukkes 1. februar 2011.

OPPDATERING: Link fjernet siden siden ikke eksisterer på Microsofts nettside